Ways to be Involved with The Brushfire

Come Visit

Visiting us is a great way to be involved with the Brushfire. Simply buy a drink, read a book, play a game, and visit with others. Being present in our shop supports what we do. We are open from 6pm - midnight, Tuesday - Saturday. 


Prayer is probably the greatest way to be involved with the Brushfire ministry. It encourages us to know others are supporting us through prayer. If you would like more specific requests, please sign up to receive our newsletter.


There are many ways to volunteer that don't require the commitment of an intern or staff person. We are currently seeking help with property maintenance, facility cleaning, and with events. Please visit our contact page and let us know how you like to volunteer. 

Join Our Team

It takes a lot of work, time, and planning to make the Brushfire coffeehouse and ministry happen. We are seeking to expand our team so we can have an even greater impact. Please visit our staff and intern page if you are interested in joining our team.  


The Brushfire ministry is a non-profit entity. Please visit our donation page to learn more about supporting the Brushfire financially. 

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