Brushfire Snapshot

The Brushfire ministry started in the minds and hearts of a few Gunnison locals in 2002. The group contacted Community Christian Ministries (CCM) to see if its staff would be interested in starting and overseeing a new ministry in Gunnison.  CCM believed Gunnison to be a good location for them to start a new ministry. With provision from the Lord and the generosity and work of many, CCM purchased property and opened what is currently The Brushfire ministry and coffeehouse.

The Brushfire is operated by a team of staff and interns who have a passion for the ministry's mission and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Building relationships and loving people in Gunnison is fundamental in how we carry out our mission. Our coffeehouse provides a space where relationships can begin and thrive.  We carry a variety of games and puzzles as a way for others to take a break from the digital world and engage in face to face interaction. We host various events at our shop throughout the year, such as open mic nights, Bible studies, guest speakers, food contests, and movie nights. We also have a bookstore/library stocked with classic and modern books written mostly by Christian authors. Our shelves are filled with biographies, non-fiction books, poetry, novels, pamphlets, and Bibles. Our Books are available for loan and purchase, and we frequently give books to people who are interested.

The Brushfire's coffeehouse atmosphere is a great place for people to share and listen to each other's life experiences and perspectives. We believe the greatest life experience is to live life reconciled to God.  Encouraging others to be reconciled to God by trusting the Lord Jesus Christ and what he accomplished for humanity is at the heart of the work we do.

We also do work on campus at Western Colorado University where we set up a question and free book table and engage with students in conversation. We also occasionally help with other campus ministries and fill in for the football chaplain.

If you want to support or get involved with the Brushfire, please visit our getting involved page to learn how.

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